December 11, 2013


Who doesn't love a free doughnut? A person I wouldn't want to be friends with, that's who.

Just this past weekend, an exhibition about the doughnut shops of Brooklyn and Manhattan called "Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut" opened in the City Reliquary Museum. To commemorate the opening, there was a doughnut party with FREE (yes, FREE!) doughnuts from some of the doughnut shops highlighted in the museum.

Of course I had to go and tagging along was my foodie partner in crime, J. Before that we actually cheated (or as I called it at the time, "pre-game") and checked out the Brooklyn Flea. So how was that cheating? We ended up buying a doughnut from my favorite doughnut shop ever, Dough, which conveniently had their kiosk right near the entrance.

Fast forward to the dough, glaze, and frosting filled affair at the City Reliquary. The museum itself is small but eccentric. It has a bunch of items from New York City like Statue of Liberty postcards to subway relics to a booth dedicated to burlesque. The suggested donation is $5 but you're free to give whatever you want.

The exhibition was created by Julie Thomson, a fellow doughnut lover with her own blog called Donutgrrl. I really enjoyed the exhibition because it was great learning about the rich history of doughnut shops and how the doughnut itself can have such different variations. J and I not only came out of the party full of doughnuts in our stomach, I gained a good chunk of knowledge of one of my craves. Check out the exhibition which is there until February.


  1. Recently, I read about the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral, and for some reason, I began to think of your blog post. I thought, "What do the donuts in South Africa taste like? Are they real donuts? Or Styrofoam donuts, the kind invisible angels flying to and fro in exciting places like university lecture halls and high-falutin' funerals love to eat?"
    I'm also inspired to go to the Krispy Kreme tomorrow @ Penn Station because of your post. I can only hope schizophrenia doesn't suddenly overtake me and turn me into a idiosyncratic sign language interpreter-prophet. BTW, if this does happen, do you know where I can apply to become a sign language interpreter at the next African National Congress? Are there free donuts at the ANC? The tasty kind (preferably marble frosting)?!

    1. That's an interesting thought ss. I have no idea what donuts would taste like in South Africa and I'm not even sure they even eat donuts that much South Africa unless Dunkin Donuts has somehow gotten into that market.

      And Krispy Kreme is pretty good. I do like their glazed doughnuts. Maybe you should go to South Africa to check if they ANC has donuts.